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In 2019, seemingly by fate, three recent university graduates from France introduced a video chat service named LuckyCrush. The concept behind LuckyCrush is straightforward: it connects two people randomly for a live video chat.

The platform ensures men are paired with women and vice versa. Chats can last from a few seconds to hours, ending abruptly when one participant decides to move on to the next by clicking “next,” thereby connecting them to another random individual.

The aim is to provide a platform for users to flirt with strangers in a virtual, fleeting manner, maintaining complete anonymity without the necessity of meeting in person. Within a year, LuckyCrush had attracted over 10 million users, turning it into a highly profitable venture, generating monthly revenues of $3 million for its creators. We spoke to Jay, the CEO, who shared insights into the remarkable journey of this business, especially highlighting how the global COVID-19 lockdown played a crucial role in accelerating their growth.

“We’re a trio of friends, aged 20 to 30, who juggled internships, freelance work, and university studies until two years ago. Our backgrounds vary, encompassing web development, engineering, and business.

Our ambition was always to start our own venture, aiming for something impactful. Our interests lie in online social platforms and scalable automated businesses that allow for rapid growth through process automation. We believe that for a business idea to be compelling, it must not only be enjoyable but also offer insights into societal trends.

Our approach is uniquely data-driven; we base all our decisions, from product strategy to user acquisition, on thorough data analysis and experimentation. We contend that the most innovative ideas emerge from data, not mere intuition.

Our research showed a demand for a service like LuckyCrush, indicated by the growing trend of virtual relationships and a significant number of people preferring video chats with strangers due to shyness. For us, successful idea generation and product development hinge on extensive testing, from advertising strategies to product features, to ensure maximum return on investment in today’s competitive online landscape.”

What sparked the creation of LuckyCrush?

“According to our philosophy, ideas are born from rigorous analysis. Recognizing that many people are introverted and perceive dating as a daunting task, we saw a gap in the market.

Most existing random chat platforms primarily attract male users, leaving a void due to a lack of moderation and safety for female participants. It became clear that there was a need for a platform that facilitates instant video chats for virtual flirting, ensuring men are matched with women and vice versa, backed by a robust moderation system to maintain a safe environment.

This is the concept that led to the establishment of LuckyCrush. Why a web-based platform instead of an app? LuckyCrush is accessible from any device with internet access and a camera, bypassing the need for app downloads.

This approach lowers barriers for users to experience what LuckyCrush has to offer, aligning with our belief that initial user engagement should be as frictionless as possible. This is why, especially for initial offerings, websites can be more effective than apps in driving user conversion, a principle we jokingly suggest applies to many services.”

How does LuckyCrush generate revenue?

“Our revenue model is straightforward, resembling that of early dating platforms. With a predominant male audience seeking online flirtation, LuckyCrush offers men the opportunity for a one-click virtual date with women, avoiding the risk of encountering other men with similar intentions.

After depleting their daily free chat limit, men can purchase additional credits, funding the technical and marketing advancements of the site, which primarily targets female users. This model helps maintain a balanced ratio of men to women, essential for providing a seamless experience without long waiting times for pairings.

We take pride in LuckyCrush being the first chat site to achieve a minimum of 50% female membership. This unique aspect of our service, coupled with positive feedback from users, motivates us to continue enhancing the platform.”

Luckycrush Free Minutes

Yes, LuckyCrush does offer free minutes for chatting. In the context provided earlier, it mentions that guys can start a virtual date with a female partner in one click without initially encountering any fees. However, after using their daily free chat time, men are required to purchase additional credits to continue using the service. This system allows women to use the site freely, which helps maintain a balanced ratio of male and female users on the platform.

The way LuckyCrush is structured, it incorporates a freemium model particularly for male users, which is quite common in online dating and chat platforms. This model allows new users, specifically men in this case, to try out the service without any initial investment, providing them with a certain amount of free minutes for chatting. Here’s a more detailed breakdown:

  1. Initial Access: When a man signs up on LuckyCrush, he is granted access to the platform’s live video chat feature. This access includes a limited amount of free chat time, allowing the user to experience the service without any upfront cost.
  2. Purpose of Free Minutes: The free minutes serve several strategic purposes. Firstly, they act as a teaser, giving a taste of what the platform has to offer. Secondly, they are designed to entice the user to want more after the complimentary minutes are exhausted. Lastly, this approach helps in user acquisition and retention, as the thrill of connecting with a stranger can be compelling enough to convince users to purchase additional chat time.
  3. Transition to Paid Model: Once the free minutes are used up, male users are prompted to buy additional credits to continue their conversations. This is where the platform generates revenue. The requirement for men to purchase credits also indirectly benefits female users by ensuring a continuous influx of active, invested male users, which can help keep the gender ratio more balanced and the platform attractive to both sexes.
  4. Regulation and Balance: The sale of credits is not just a revenue model but also a regulatory mechanism. It helps prevent an over-saturation of male users, which could potentially lead to longer waiting times for matches and a diminished user experience. By limiting the free access and requiring purchases for extended use, LuckyCrush can better manage the user ratio and maintain the platform’s intended quick and direct matching system.
  5. Investment in the Platform: The revenue generated from the sale of credits is mentioned to be reinvested into the site, specifically focusing on technical development and advertising, with a significant portion of the marketing efforts directed towards attracting female users. This reinvestment is crucial for sustaining the platform’s growth, improving user experience, and ensuring a balanced gender ratio.

In summary, the free minutes offered by LuckyCrush are a strategic tool for user engagement and acquisition, leading to a revenue model based on the purchase of additional credits. This approach helps maintain a desirable balance of male and female users, creating a more engaging and satisfying experience for all parties involved.

Have there been any challenges?

“Undoubtedly, balancing the gender ratio right from the start presented significant challenges. Achieving this equilibrium required substantial investment and expertise in data analytics for effective user acquisition strategies. Initially, the costs outpaced revenues, but within three months, we turned profitable. This success was largely due to our data-driven optimization strategies, which maximized site traffic and user engagement.”

What lies ahead for LuckyCrush?

“Our focus is on further developing LuckyCrush, its features, and its community. Despite receiving several acquisition offers from various internet service providers and investment funds shortly after our launch, we chose to decline in order to concentrate on our growth. By collaborating with major players in technology and marketing, we aim to solidify our market presence and make LuckyCrush an indispensable platform for anyone seeking entertainment at home.”